School Age Program


Our Greenwood location includes an inclusive before and after school program as well as a summer camp for children 5-12. We give special needs and typically developing children an opportunity to play and learn together, benefiting from small group size, caring and involved teachers and lots of fun. Our supportive environment promotes social and emotional development through art, science, exploration and play. Our teachers are available and interactive while they lead projects and play alongside children, allowing them to help children navigate social challenges as they arise and foster positive peer interactions. Teachers strive to build strong relationships with kids and families and believe that supporting the family is a critical part of fully supporting the child. We believe that together we can build partnerships that ensure that your child’s individual needs are met and their potential reached.

Afterschool program

We believe that children need a safe and fun place to relax and unwind after school and on days that school is not in session. We recognize that every child has a different way of decompressing after a day at school and value each child’s process, whether it’s running and screaming or having some alone time reading a book. Our afternoon schedule allows for a balance of energetic outside play and indoor free play, arts and crafts. Our classroom has well defined interest areas that support developmentally appropriate play and learning and our teachers offer projects based on monthly themes.

Summer program

During the summer we offer summer camp style full-day care. We follow weekly themes that guide hands-on exploration of arts and crafts, music, science, cooking and outside play. Field trips are taken each week and include experiences like The Pacific Science Center, IMAX, Zoo, Aquarium and Children’s Museum.


If you are interested in learning more about our program or adding your child to our waitlist, please visit the Contact Us tab or visit the Getting Started tab above and fill out the New Client Referral Form.

FAQ’s for School Age

Q: Do you provide transportation to and from Seattle Schools?

A: No. Transportation is provided by the Seattle School District. In addition, families of children with IEP’s may request door to door bussing to our location from any school.

Q: What support can you provide my special needs child?

A: Although we are not a therapeutic program, there are lots of additional supports that we can provide to children with special needs. Our small class size and low staff to child ratio allows us to give your child increased attention and assistance. We can work with families to meet skill development goals and develop behavioral and safety plans if necessary. We can coordinate with outside professionals your child is receiving services from in order to maintain consistency in strategies being used at home or school. This can include, but is not limited to, visiting your child’s school, attending IEP meetings, participating in a wrap team, or following previously set behavioral guidelines.

Q: Do you provide academic support?

A: We are happy to give children homework help at the request of the family. For families that have not requested it, homework is not a scheduled or required part of our afternoon.

For additional questions about space available, getting on the waitlist, scheduling a tour, rates and funding, please visit the FAQ tab above.