The Gebhardt Family Story

Northwest Center really opened our eyes to the possibilities of what   life could be like for our daughter—they made us realize her potential.   In addition to working with our daughter, they gave us (her parents)   many tools and showed us ways to help her progress, help us communicate   with her our – things that we may have not realized before. As parents,   you often go into denial at the prospect that there may be something   different, or unforeseen challenges with your child and it’s hard to   acknowledge and accept at first. Working with NWC therapists have really   helped us to accept our own reality and the work that we need to do,   but also to accept and celebrate her progress- one day at a time.

We are better able to celebrate her milestones as they come, for her   personally, not by any other timetable or in comparison to other kids.   This is one of the toughest things as a parent to overcome, and they   really helped us to embrace that. They’ve helped us to understand, they   have educated us,  helped us to look forward to the future.

The therapists are amazing. We really feel that they care about our   daughter, and our family. They would take the extra step to check in   with us, to ask us how WE were doing—it was a very personal approach. It   isn’t a clinical setting- it’s real life, in our home. The therapists   get to know us, our lifestyle, and personalize a program where it   counts, so we can integrate it into our daily lives. We didn’t see that   in the clinical programs we experienced.

Our daughter has made huge strides in such a short period of time.   When we started just 6 months ago, she was like a rag doll-her inner   core strength was so limited. Now she is sitting up, clapping, she is so   much stronger. When you see progress, every change, however small,   means so much – it makes you realize the potential.

It’s so much more than just the weekly therapy. With NWC, it feels   like we have an entire team of advocates who “have our back,” so to   speak. We know the leadership of the entire organization is committed to   promoting inclusion in our community, and that means a lot to us   because it means they are working to make sure our daughter is included –   now and in the future.

Thank you Northwest Center!

– Chris and Stephanie Gebhart


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