Getting Started

Make a referral: Call (206) 691 2598 to speak with an intake coordinator or fax (206) 286 2301 with your child’s date of birth, where you live and area(s) of concern

Call to Family: After talking with an intake coordinator, the family will receive a call from a Family Resources Coordinator to set up an evaluation.

Intake/Assessment: With two member of the early intervention team, the parents and other caregivers discuss the strengths and needs of the child from the family’s perspective, medical history and complete an evaluation in the primary area of concern.

Evaluation: Evaluations look at the child’s development in the following areas:

• Cognitive–ability to learn and problem solve

• Physical–ability to move, see, and hear

• Communication–ability to understand and produce language

• Social Emotional–ability to relate with others

• Adaptive–ability to eat, dress, and take care of self

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Meeting: When a child shows a delay in at least one area of development, the family and therapist meet to write outcomes that are based on the priorities that were determined during the intake/assessment.

Services Begin: The family and therapist schedule therapy times for home/community visits and begin the process.