Classroom Profiles

Lynx (Infants; 6 weeks-12 months):  Our Lynx classroom is a colorful and vibrant environment.  Some favorite activities for the infants are painting, water play, singing, and reading books.  Softness and developmentally appropriate toys abound and interactions with the children cultivate strong bonds with the teachers.  Experiences provide learning opportunities and the infants are free to explore their environment in their own ways and at their own pace.  When the day’s activities lead to a tired infant, a nurturing caregiver is readily available for cuddling and rocking.
Teaching Team: Samantha and Rachel

Orcas (Waddlers; 1-2 years): The Orca classroom is a busy place where waddlers are exploring interesting materials and relationships with friends and caregivers.  The waddlers are budding artists honing their skills with paint, crayons, and markers as well as performers who dance and sing together.  Hands-on activities are emphasized and new experiences prompt investigations by these little scientists.  The energy seems endless at times, but other favorite activities for the waddlers are quiet moments with a book or stuffed animal.
Teaching Team: Heather and Alma

Wolves (Toddlers; 2-3 years): Collaboration is what you will see in the Wolves classroom.  Children are exploring their sense of self and are interested in the peers and caregivers they spend their days with.  Sensory play is a favorite in the Wolf classroom where you are likely to find “Cloud Dough”, “Flubber”, or toys suspended in cubes of ice that melt away with a dusting of salt.  Art is also appreciated and plentiful opportunities for engaging with crayons, markers, paint, and glue are enjoyed by all!  The Wolves especially enjoy moving their bodies in new ways in the spacious motor room and picking vegetables from our children’s garden for a mid-morning snack.
Teaching Team: Malaika and Nicole

Bears (Preschool; 3-5 years): Child-centered play is an important part of the Bear classroom and is based on the children’s interests.  You might find a pirate ship sailing rough seas or some astronauts exploring an unknown space universe.  Circle time finds children engaging in discussions with their teachers and taking turns copying others’ musical patterns.  Children negotiate with one another during play by using their words and discussing emotions.  A favorite part of the Bears’ day is when they visit the outdoor playground to breathe in the fresh air and move around the large space.
Teaching Team: Dawn and Myla

Owls (Preschool; 3-5 years): The Owl classroom children are investigators who enjoy posing questions and exploring new ideas and concepts with their encouraging teachers.  Imaginations are freely explored throughout the “interest areas” in the classroom – whether it’s a pack of puppies in the Home Living Center or a crane operator in the Block Center.  Circle time is filled with songs and stories and creates a real sense of classroom as community.  The Owls’ exploratory spirit is most fully satisfied when they are on one of their many field trips.  Whether it’s the Seattle Aquarium or story time at the Seattle Public Library down the street, adventures are always enjoyed!
Teaching Team: Emily and Jordan