Northwest Center Teens program will be suspended indefinitely when the summer program ends. We make this decision reluctantly, but the program is simply not viable in its current form. Our isolated location requires a large staff to ensure the safety of our teens, and that combined with low enrollment creates an unsustainable situation.

That said, Northwest Center and its Board are committed to re-designing the program and re-opening a more robust, better attended, more inclusive, and more sustainable program as soon as we possibly can. The Board’s Program Committee, with input and hopefully participation from many of you and from our families, will complete the re-design process as quickly as possible but we will not have solutions by September.

In speaking with many of our teen families, two things come through loud and clear: (1) this unique program is extremely important to our families, and (2) Amy and her team have done an amazing job of providing a meaningful experience for teens who really don’t have any other option. I have given my personal commitment to families that Northwest Center will figure this out so our teens can once again experience the rich environment they deserve.

In the meantime, Amy and her team are working with families to identify alternatives for September and beyond.


Tom Everill  | President and Chief Executive Officer